Report suspected illegal tree felling

How to let us know if you think trees have been felled without the necessary permission

The majority of tree felling in Wales has already been approved either by Natural Resources Wales or by a local planning authority. Approval follows the completion of any necessary public consultation process.

Prosecuting illegal felling

However, we receive approximately 100 reports of suspected illegal tree felling every year, either from members of the public or from other organisations. This results in between 10 and 20 proven cases of illegal felling, which can lead to prosecution under breaches of one or more articles of forestry legislation.

What information we need

To allow us to deal with your report as quickly as possible, we will ask you the following questions in order to help us determine possible outcomes:

  • Where did the incident take place? (It will be of great help to us if you can quote a grid reference – for example, Landranger grid format NT 252 735 – or provide accurate directions or descriptions to enable us to locate the land in question)
  • Who carried out the felling?
  • What are/were they doing?
  • When did the felling start?
  • Is it still ongoing?

What to consider

Before you contact us, please consider whether you would be willing for us to contact you subsequently to obtain further information or to let you know the results of our investigations.

Sensitive information

We understand that some situations are sensitive, perhaps due to the proximity of the felling to your property or because of the individuals involved. You may wish to remain anonymous and provide us with basic information only.

Please be assured that we will respect whatever decision you take in this respect. Our primary aim is to encourage the reporting of incidents.

How to contact us

Visit our Report It page to find out how to report suspected illegal tree felling.