Flood Risk Activity exclusion

What is a flood risk activity exclusion?

If you want to carry out works in, over, under or near a main river, a flood defence (including a sea defence)or within a flood plain, you may be eligible for a flood risk activity exclusion depending upon the type of activity you wish to carry out.

To establish whether your flood risk activity can be considered as an exclusion, you must read and understand the appropriate guidance below. 

Flood Risk Activity Exclusions

You may carry out the following activities free of charge without the need to register with us as long as certain conditions are met. The guidance document at the bottom of the page provides the specific conditions that must be met when undertaking the activity. Failure to meet these requirements could lead to enforcement action as it is a criminal offence to carry out an excluded activity without meeting the appropriate conditions.

Before undertaking an excluded activity, you should consider if there is any need to undertake temporary works (for example use scaffolding or coffer dams in the channel). If temporary works are required, you should contact your local NRW office to discuss if a bespoke permit might be needed to undertake the activity.

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 2 – Any activity carried on in an emergency

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 4 – A licensable marine activity in Wales

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 5 – The erection and use of ladders and scaffold towers

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 6 – The construction and use of service crossings within an existing structure

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 7 – The attachment of a flood protection device directly to a building in order to protect the interior of that building.

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 8 – The carrying out of minor works on or affecting bridges and culverts for highways and public rights of way

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 9 – The erection of fencing

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 11 – Erection of notice boards

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 12 – Clearance of purpose built sediment traps

Flood Risk Activity Exclusion 13 – Site investigation boreholes and trial pits within a flood plain

If your activity is listed above and meets all the specific conditions set out in the guidance below, you may undertake your activity without the need to register with us. 

If your proposed activity is not listed above, or does not meet all the specific conditions, you may be able to register for a flood risk activity exemption or apply for a flood risk activity permit. The links below will take you to the relevant pages.

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