How we deliver the EU ETS, CRC and ESOS in Wales

The guidance has been jointly prepared between all UK Regulators of the schemes, and is therefore applicable for Wales based participants. Should there be any guidance issues that are specific to Wales, these will be highlighted on these web pages. EU ETS (including small emitter and hospital opt-outs), CRC, ESOS and CCA guidance can be found here:

Compliance and enforcement

UK legislation enables the UK Regulators to take enforcement action when participants do not comply with the relevant scheme requirements. The legislation prescribes a number of enforcement powers for non-compliance. They include enforcement notices, publication of the breach, revocation of a permit and civil penalties. The current Natural Resources Wales Guidance on Enforcement and Sanctions sets out a general framework for enforcement and contains principles that apply on an overarching basis.  The EU ETS, CRC and ESOS introduce bespoke civil sanctions that are separate from those created by the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008.

Further details on compliance

A proposed new Annex would set out more detail for the climate change regimes. 

Further information

The necessary guidance to enable compliance with the schemes can be accessed through the links below.  However, for Wales specific enquiries, and general enquiries regarding the EU ETS, please email the following address:

E-mail for EU ETS and general enquiries:

E-mail for ESOS enquiries:

Contact details for CRC enquiries: or call 0370 850 6506