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Area Statements overview

Area statements will help us manage our environment in a more sustainable way

We all need to look after our natural resources (our air, water and land) and our ecosystems for example woodlands.

Any decisions we make can have a knock-on effect on the environment as a whole, now and for many generations to come.

A healthy and resilient environment helps sustain people and our economy. We need to look for ways that our natural resources can provide multiple benefits for people and nature, now and into the future, whilst ensuring we continue building their resilience. When our environment is working at its best, society thrives.

What are Area Statements?

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 made it a duty for us to produce Area Statements.

The new legislative framework, provides an opportunity to rethink the way our natural resources are managed and used. Area statements will help coordinate our work and the work of others, to build the resilience of our ecosystems and enhance the benefits they provide us.

They will bring together data, information and ways of encouraging engagement to help us better understand the state and trends of natural resources in an area, the pressures on them and their benefits.

They will set the priorities for each locality and will drive NRW’s work programmes locally whilst influence national policy and set priorities for funding streams.

Area Statements require a new way of working. They rely on successful collaboration which means we in NRW can’t do this without our partners and stakeholders. We want to work with you to make Wales more sustainable, more biodiverse and ensure these and other benefits can continue for future generations.

Each Area Statement is a live document, which will be updated regularly and improve year on year, as we continue to engage and gather new evidence.

See our area statement boundaries map.

The Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR)

Sustainable management of natural resources is about using our natural resources in a way and at a rate that promotes both ecosystem resilience and the benefits we receive from them. By doing this, we will meet the needs of the current generation, whilst making sure future generations can meet their needs too. It will also allow us to meet the well-being goals from the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Area Statements are designed to highlight the priorities, risks and opportunities to address through the sustainable management of natural resources.

Read more about the sustainable management of natural resources.

What we’re doing at the moment

Each of the seven “places” are designing and carrying out their engagement strategy in a slightly different way, reflecting the national priority to take a “place-based approach”. 

There are many consistencies between each place, with each area engaging using local networks, Well-being Plan forums, and tailored events. All areas are using Area Profiles to start a conversation about what is significant or special about the natural resources in each place, and where there are opportunities to build ecosystem resilience.

Read more about our priorities, challenges and opportunities

We need you to get involved

Natural Resources Wales and partners need people from all sectors, organisations and communities to get involved in the process of developing Area Statements.

At every stage, we welcome initiatives by partners to help shape and raise awareness of Area Statements through their networks.

Read more about getting involved.

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